unknown kids, boss lady, birthcontrol pills, weird bathroom

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unknown kids, boss lady, birthcontrol pills, weird bathroom

Post by usemeLord on Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:40 am

Really need understanding of this one. I was like a watcher in this dream. Didn't know anybody.

I was in a dirty store, lots of stuff on the floor. These kids that were supposed to be taking care of the store were mad at the boss lady. So they didn't care about keeping the store nice. The were taking birth control packets and popping the pills onto the floor, leaving them there. The boss lady walks in and wonders aloud why are these pills on the floor they should be put back. I really need to go to bathroom so I go to where it is. I see the birthcontrol pills in the supposed potty (it's like a small can) the bathroom is kinda open and I really really have to go. Soooo I take the can and go into another part of the bathroom to use it (yeeeeuggghhh) I am spilling over and people are coming. That part of the bathroom was open at the top sort of like it was a counter and I was just hunching down to use this can. I could see the people coming End of dream.

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