shoe on the wrong foot

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shoe on the wrong foot

Post by Mariakitty on Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:30 pm

I can't recall the entire dream, but awoke feeling uneasy:

What I can vividly remember is looking down at my feet and having this bright orange "cleat" type sneaker on my left foot and thinking that it felt like it was on the wrong foot, but couldn't be sure until I put the other one on to see if it was just a weird sneaker design, or if was it indeed on the wrong foot. I was just very focused on this left foot with what looked like the right sneaker...

Also I noted that the cleat sole of the sneaker was like a million little nubs of hard plastic, and because I was indoor on a hard floor surface, it made for less traction, (instead of how cleats would give more traction if I had been outside on a grassy surface...)

Any thoughts?
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