Bus transformation, muddy water and chasing

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Bus transformation, muddy water and chasing

Post by nubava on Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:53 pm

I was waiting for a bus to go to classes. Two busses arrived, the first bus was number 24, the second 28, I can not remember exactly. I approached the first bus but didnít hop on, then went in the direction of 24th bus but realized that it was the wrong one, it wouldnít take me to my classes. I hurried to the first bus but the doors were closed I thought that I missed it but suddenly the doors opened and I hoped on with my blanket. I was careful not to make my blanket dirty. There were two or three people in the bus, I opened my purse to by ticket, there was lot of money 200 and 5000 notes. I gave one 200 note to buy two tickets (the tickets cost 25, so I needed 150 change back). The bus conductor was a woman, she took the money, gave me two tickets and gave 200 note back, as it was the change.

Then the bus transformed into another smaller bus like a shuttle bus (but if course it was not a shuttle bus). There were guys in the bus who were discussing that a teacher was much more expensive, he charged 300 Euros for a class. I think they were discussing an English language class. Then I saw in the window two other guys and I said that those were from our group and that they were coming on foot. The street we were on was a one way and a narrow one and the traffic was quite slow. I turned my head and saw two men checking either documents of passengers or collecting money. Suddenly we decided to go out of the bus and go on our own. But I left my coat and my bag in the back of the car.

There was a wide lawn which in water but dirty and muddy water. I would describe it like this Ė when there is snow on a lawn and when it starts melting, it combines with the ground and is something unpleasant. I asked the ones who got through the lawn whether the water was too deep. The answer was that the water was too deep and my feet might get wet if I go. I tried to go but changed my mind and returned, my hand was dirty from the water.

I was left with my classmate (girl) on the other side of the lawn. An unknown guy came up, he was a bit drunk and wanted to know my name. I didnít want to talk to him and pretended that I donít speak his language. There were three Rabbis coming towards us I pretended to be Jewish and cried out Rabbi, Rabbi. So that guy went towards the Rabbis and my friend and I got into the car and locked it. My friend couldnít drive a car but she did it although I was worried if we were going to crash or not. While I was trying to put my seatbelt, I was thinking whether that guy was following us. My classmate said he was following us and he was in a car. And I woke up.
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