Dream of my son's foot getting eaten away!

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Dream of my son's foot getting eaten away!

Post by ready2fly on Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:01 am

Last night I had a disturbing dream. When I woke up I knew I had dreamed something important but couldn't quite remember. I lay there half awake and half asleep asking God to remind me of the dream and this is what I began to dream...

My son was the age he is now (14) and had a foot in his hand. He joked around about it and teased me with it playfully. It was like a fake toy foot. We were in what used to be his old bedroom, that is now my daughter's (9) bedroom when she comes to stay (she doesn't live with me, but with dad).

(Some of this is sketchy) But then suddenly, he seemed younger and he was barefoot and it seemed as if the toes on his left foot were being eaten away by some invisible force. I looked again to figure out if I was seeing correctly and it did appear so, but I thought it couldn't be true (my eyesight in the natural has been getting to the point where I need to use glasses).

Then it seems as if my son was younger and we were all (son, daughter, me) going to sleep: my son in the bottom bunk of the bed, my daughter on a mattress on the floor and I on the floor itself with no really covers or anything.

Upon waking (don't think we slept long), my daughter was playing with what I thought was the toy foot earlier in the dream. But the foot looked just like mine. She was joking and teasing with it just like my son had earlier. I looked down at my feet, fully expecting to see one gone, but both were there. I took a closer look at the foot my daughter was playing with and as I inspected it, I marveled at how much it looked like my real foot.

Then as my son was getting out of bed, I noticed that what I had seen earlier had gotten worse. I almost couldn't speak. ALL of his TOES on his left foot had been eaten away! I was horrified and tried to say "We've got to go to the hospital" but it was hard to speak. I felt as if I could barely get the words out and that they were not fully understandable.

I woke up feeling so troubled.

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Re: Dream of my son's foot getting eaten away!

Post by usemeLord on Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:45 pm

Sounds like something that happened earlier in his life is affecting his walk with God. I would ask myself about what age was he in the dream and see what at that time happened and ask God for understanding of this dream as it seems important.

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