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Post by king Rex on Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:08 pm

In this dream it was too vivid waking up to the fact that it was a dream brought some relief,

I went what seem to be a party and i was dressed in a beautiful suit, I saw a friend of mine whom I do occasionally communicate with R. R who was also dressed nice told me his company just bought him, i felt a bit jealous.

Then walking through the mist of people i saw a longtime friend G, whom in my dream seem to have come from Africa (IRL G is still in Africa). From sheer excitement I screamed his name until my jaws began hurting. As soon as I stopped screaming there came towards me , a little boy, his mom and Alicia Keys (IRL I watched Alicia Keys movie "The secret live of bees this morning), they accused me that during my screaming the little boy has lost his money and am the cause or the culprit. I was shocked and denied total involvement whatsoever, I then saw my friend R who seems now to be in tattered clothes and was gambling (IRL R gambled when we were in high school).

Later whiles walking with the little boys father and i told him I was as innocent as anything but they should search well and I don't even drink alcohol, so in order to prove that he touches my tongue with his tongue and said '' you are very clean, don't worry" and we went to their house. In the house the boys father spoke for me and Alicia Keys said I was a beautiful man so why all this. Then the brother of the said boy took a bag in my hand and rubbed it against their hat, in a way I felt in the dream they wanted to rub themselves on me or just to have any characteristic of me on them.

As I went home they had gone partying and when I opened my gate there was church service going on a friend of mine P raised his hand that he needs to be prayed for, i rushed through the service due to the urgency to urinate. In the bathroom to wee-wee was some feces on the ground, i leaped over it and in the cause of urinating I woke up.... that was when I only realized it was a dream...

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Post by usemeLord on Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:50 pm

Your friend P needs prayer, pray for him

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