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Post by HisLightbeam on Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:17 pm

I had a dream and I think it was an instructional dream in nature. I want to make sure that I understand it.
My brother brought the boys over to stay with me for a while. I put them to bed. I had fussed at one, which made him cry. I made a cake. It started out white, then went to dark chocolate as I started applying cheese cream icing. I leaned into it to make a two - tier cake. Some of the icing got on my shirt, I had to go back over the spot, but then the icing started turning dark and wouldn't stay on because I kept rubbing against it. So I decided to just put the cake cover over it. It was clear. I checked to make sure that the boys were sleeping, then I tiptoed to the cake, and as I went under the cake cover, one of the boys said, "Auntie!" to make me put the cake down. I did and then waited some more. This time, I managed to procure a crumb, but it wasn't the dark cake, it was again a white Italian creme cake morsel. Just a little wedge. I thought, I will just eat a slice later with the boys. So then I went outside. I was at my dad's house. I knew that from the inside, because I was in the small living room that I remember. Ok, got on the outside and was standing on the porch. I went down the stairs almost to the ground, and as I turned to go back up, there was this black shado wdarting around the corner. Well, I wasn't going to follow it. I looked again, and this time I saw it was a large- sized black dog with very long, shaggy hair, like long as 6 inches. I hurried up to the porch and shut the door. When I turned around, there was this other black large - sized dog with short hair. It looked like my dog, Lucas, but Lucas passed IRL. So, I refused to let it on the porch. Then I locked the door to the porch. IRL, my dad does not have an enclosed porch. There was a door - frame and that door. It was all wooden. There was no surrounding material to finish enclosing the porch. Then I looked down near the left edge of the porch, and there was this large - sized brown down like a laborador. He was acting really friendly, and went to grab at something playfully off of the porch. I did not feel playful, though, because he was watching me with these intelligent eyes trying to see what I was going to do...I did not trust him. For some reason, I was not worried about them getting on the porch from the side. I know I had to keep the door shut and not entertain them, though.

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