Riding on a School Bus

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Riding on a School Bus

Post by celestial.butterfly on Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:39 am

My daughter and I left school (IRL my place of employment and where my daughte attends school) and we boarded a school bus. At one point, I assisted a special-needs child (but I was humble about it). At one of the stops, the parent thanked me for looking after her special-needs child. I heard another parent say to her, "It's because she's a teacher." (IRL I am an educator at at elementary school).

At some point, we ended up in my hometown of Denver, CO (IRL I currently live in Tampa). Some old childhood friends were on the bus with their kids (in the dream we were all adults with our children riding the bus).

At one of the stops, we stopped for food at a food court. I heard one of my friends cussing about how nasty one of the food joints was. I told her that I was surprised she was cussing and I told her to stop.

We continued to ride the bus and all I remember is that we were having a conversation about our children's names...

That's all I remember.
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Re: Riding on a School Bus

Post by usemeLord on Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:37 am

Do you know the meaning of their names, look them up I'm sure God has something for you.

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