Dogs and A Marriage Proposal

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Dogs and A Marriage Proposal

Post by kimberlynich on Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:49 am

So i had this weird dream that left me like what the heck when I awakened...

I am walking down a street and see two dogs (German Shepherd & Boxer) fighting in the middle of the street. The German Shepherd is really attacking the Boxer, so much that as he is biting the boxer and skin is coming off. The boxer is getting weaker and not fighting back as much.

A man appears and says "my dog." He pulls out a small metal bar and begins to hit the german shepherd who runs away injured, but his dog, the boxer is laying in the street dead. I am in shock and say "I can't believe that dog mutilated the other dog." The man (owner of the dead dog) and I go inside a house and he says to the cops "I usually keep a lead pipe and a gun in my car but I took them out. If I had had them I would have killed that dog."

I am in the bathroom, and the man (owner of the dead dog) comes in as well. We talk casually. He then pulls me to him, twists my right arm so it is behind my back, and my back is to his front. He has a silver wedding band in his free left hand and the other band in his mouth and he says to me " Marry me, you are so beautiful, I will give you everything, marry me." I tell him I can't marry him because I love someone else and am marrying that person.

He pulls out his penis and rubs it against my backside " I am shocked and say "what are you doing!" He says again "marry me, you are so beautiful, I will give you everything, then I will not have to go on probation." I pull away from him & we are out of the bathroom and I am extremely shaken up. He begins talking to the cops.

I run upstairs and call my male friend Kelley on the phone, I get his voice mail and I leave a message that says "I need you, it's important, call me as soon as you get this message, Kim."

I tell my sister Ursula what happened. We are now at a counter which appears to be in a store, The man (owner of the dead dog) is in the back of the store in handcuffs. I ask another man when will they let him go and he says probably tomorrow. I am now at what appears to be my parents home in Atlanta Ga, in their kitchen at the kitchen table and say to my sister and my niece and nephew "pack your bags we have to get out of here or I have to pack my bags and get out of here (not sure which one I said). End of dream and I wake up.

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