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Post by Guest on Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:02 am

if the picture you posted was the animal in your dreams
Just be careful very careful..
I had a dream like that long time ago with an animal like the one you post in here.
after that dream the worst things happened in my life
start loosing things up and down..what a horrible experience
this is a big test for you and your sister..the Devil is launching this attack because of the fruits of the spirit..you or your sister boldly speaks the word of God..but this strategy against you is more elaborated..deception is a hand..
The enemy himself the 2 dreams you posted the rum and the wine are the same together with this.
It is a warning dream you are about to be tested in all you believed
pray for strength because you don't know how long you will confront these thing.
Remember this thing and keep it in your soul..If the Lord allows this thing to manifest is because He already provide a way out
if He give you the dream the victory is assure too.
Do not take your eyes from Jesus..
This is not a common demon it is a stronghold.
Tell your sister to close all the doors that might allow the enemy into her realm.
The thing can not to touch you because of the anointing and covenant the Lord have with you.
But you will be touch by it.
Do not let your eyes to deceived you.
Since the enemy will test you using things precious in your life to mock the word of the Lord.
keep yourself in communion with God.
Seeking Him with all your might.
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You
May the Blood of Jesus be over you and protect you, your home and posessions from this evil attack.
May the Lord get you unharmed to the other shore victorious and in peace.
fast and pray you will need it.
so discerment and wisdom will come to you.


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