lage american car flying in the sky

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lage american car flying in the sky

Post by DAVID B COYLE-DOWLING on Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:08 am

dream i am looking at i think a blue coloured american car large flying in the sky cant believe it -yet feels like i have seen other cars flying around -to my amazement this car is being handled very well -its going to land now hope it doesnt crash -it does a great landing right close to me in the street where im standing- a man and his wife step out-i look at the front of the car to look for the engine-how does it fly-it hasnt got a normal engine -in fact no engine bay or bonnet-underneath the car there is a massive fan that turns and has strips of small bits of steel on the fan that make a whirring sound-i think of the wheels in Ezekiel and the whirring sounds they made-cant remember too clearly but i think i tell the man that someone wants to see him he tells me hes not interested as that person is too snooty-i think

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