Can you help me with interpreting this dream?

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Can you help me with interpreting this dream?

Post by magricola on Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:22 am

In this dream I went somewhere to pick up a baby (appeared to be newborn) and it seemed that I was going to be 'watching' or babysitting this baby. I also picked up a young person (in the dream I knew who it was but can't remember). It was like that 'young person' was a teenager who was to help watch this baby. I remember putting the baby down in the middle of a bed (the bed had clutter on it). The baby was wrapped in a yellow blanket and I placed it face down on the bed to sleep.
It seems that I then went away for the weekend. I was concerned about who was watching the baby, thinking this 'young person' was watching the baby. When I got back after the weekend I realized the other person was also gone and panicked because no one was watching the baby. I ran to the place where I left it and it was dead. I picked up the baby, ran to my husband, and all we could do was pray for the baby to be raised from the dead. As we were about to pray, I woke up. I was very troubled by this dream and couldn't get back to sleep for quite a while.

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