Some terrifying powerful force knocked me out and I was swept up above the earth

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Some terrifying powerful force knocked me out and I was swept up above the earth

Post by Christa on Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:11 am

This very realistic feeling dream terrified me and woke me up out of my sleep at 2am this morning.

I was in a stadium/theater, but the stage was in the center of the chairs. There were comfy couches in the center there with me and up into some of the seating, but the seating was mostly the fold down padded chairs. I had 2 long pieces of fabric that used to be drapes or something. I was going to make a blanket/throw/cover for my ugly couches. I had to pull apart the seams. When I did that this fabric really frayed, but I have a machine that sews hems (a serger), so I wasn't worried about it. The fabric was a beautiful satin coral color. Very shiny. As I was working on the cutting and pulling apart (this is a common thing that re-purposers have to do), I saw all of the couch pillows flip upward and the chairs seat parts flip up all in a matter of a couple of seconds. It was as if a power wanted to make it known to me that it was there. I told the thing, "Well, you must not be God, because if you were, you would've arranged the couch pillows perfectly." The couch pillows were uneven and messy on the couches.

I guess I had challenged this thing, but didn't realize the power it had. Within an instant (a matter of a few seconds)...I felt a wave of power come behind me. It overturned my fabric and rippled through the entire stadium flipping the pillows now down and the chair seats down again. It didn't miss a beat and started to shut the stadium doors. I realized the danger I was going to be in and started to scream my husband's name, but it was too late. Before anything else happened, I got face down on the ground and started screaming "Jesus, help me!" and I was praying in tongues. The lights began to go out section by section and within one second it was almost pitch black. I had a light shining on one side of my face. Then I felt the power pin me down to where I couldn't move. I was still screaming "Jesus, help me" and all of a sudden, the power rendered me catatonic. I was a vegetable, but I could still see and hear. Then I got lifted up out of the stadium (went right through the ceiling as if I was transparent). Because I got lifted up out of a face down position, I could see how far up I was and I was being taken into the solar system. When I saw the earth is when I woke up.

I honestly don't know what kind of power this was, it didn't feel heavenly because I was pinned down and catatonic. Through recent past experiences, I've correlated the shiny coral color with death. I also had a dream before that dream that I had been demoted to $4 an hour from $10 due to economic circumstances, and I was given a new job which was throwing away bags and bags of dead puppies and putting the live ones in boxes.

Please help with this one if you can. Thanks.
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