many parts dream- Please help

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many parts dream- Please help

Post by megonzales on Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:16 am

1st one I can't remember everything but I was in church and I was busy and I was taking care of my children, very protectively, but my husband had them and didn't tell me that before he brought them to me they were sick. At first I started to be outraged, but then I realized they were fine and I would have treated them the same had he told me.
2nd I was doing cartwheels and roundoff-s a lot of difficult gymnastics moves (that I had always admired other girls in high school doing but I wasn't secure enough to do those types of things. I was always afraid of getting hurt. ) I was doing them and I was proud of myselfbut I knew I was going in slow motion and not fast and since it was the first few times doing them I knew I needed practice keeping my hands and body correct.
3rd I was then in the military in formation (it was at reception, the holding place, before enetering boot camp) and the formation had no supervision and so a lot of people began to break out of formation. After a long period of time the drill sgt's were on their way and I knew we would get in trouble for breaking formation so I was running back and calling out to all the others to hurry. There were very few in formation. I called the ones who wouldn't come back stupid and ignorant. (Yet I was undisciplined and hypocritical to them because I had myself broken formation?)
4thI then met a guy who was Jewish in New York, an I was mostly attracted to him because he was Jewish. Then his mother came and I thought to myself that I would raise our children Jewish. I felt like I sold out Jesus. Like the marriage would be based on a complete fabrication of a fairy tale and not the truth.
5th I was in a building like a castle or dungeon or basement that went on with hidden mazes of stairs and stairways...I was looking for my husband/the Jewish guy-but really my husband in real life. I followed him hand in hand around but then he had to leave. We kissed goodbye and I had to go back through the stairs, and my old boss who wasn't a significant person in my life at all, a boss of a boss, (but I feel like she represents Christ) gets a stick and holds it up on a broken banister to try to help me. But it was ridiculous, it wasn't safe at all and I couldn't hold onto it, and I said so as I am scooting on my butt down these old moldy blue dirty speckled carpeted stairs for fear of falling off the stairs and down a long way.
6th I am at the bottom of a stairwell and the door is closing when I look down and realize that my id cards are dropped down the stairwell, and I begin to walk back up picking them up. My boss again tells me that my friend (who is slowly becomming more and more distant with me in real life) was sneaking to get information while I wasn't around. She dropped my id cards. We have a very open communication and I wondered why she couldn't just ask me? It didn't make sense. (She did ask someone for info but she already knew and the person told her but it wasn't the truth and I don't think she believes me because the person is one of upstanding character and our pastor)
7th Then my boss (kinda felt tension toward her like she was my mom) was trying to give me advice on how to dress well put together and I had what I thought was a well put together outfit. A green plaid blazer and a camel sweater underneath. She was trying to tell me it didn't look good and was trying to tell me to wear blue but I didn't want to wear blue and was going to tell her I wouldn't wear blue, but inside my head I see that my camel sweater is some weird african print and not a plain color at all and begin to think of what I would change into and I immediately thought a sapphire color blazer and a plain camel sweater and I was convicted that I needed to listen to her because I almost said I wouldn't do something and then wanted to do that very thing. (I wonder if it has to do with going to see my parents. We have a tough time when I visit and I don't want to go visit again, I don't have lodging and it is a lot of effort with 2 small children and they treat me bad when I get up there, I have said I don't want to visit again but my grandmom's are getting old and sickly and they may die and I would want to go to their funeral and be encouaging to my parents but I don't know how I could visit with all the rules they place around the visit. The clothes are something I want for myself. I want to look more put together, professional, and I need help in that area, I am naturally frumpy.)

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