Dream of brother and drug addiction -very sad....

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Dream of brother and drug addiction -very sad....

Post by SWS on Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:55 am

Hi guys~
this dream was so short and made me so sad... maybe it's nothing, I believe it's for me to intercede.... let me know if I'm "missing" anything...

dream starts I see a large celebration the city streets are full all people are lined up like a parade is about to come. It's for blocks and blocks all celebrating something, I see a great deal of non believers I know, some who are not nice people all having the time of their lives, all families... I'm looking for something/someone ( i assume my children as I see all families), it's not here, I don't wait to see what they are celebrating, I don't care to wait, I'm looking for something.
The crowds disperse, it is dusk, the streets are being empty, it is becoming very very dark, night time. There is the walking dead(not zombies) people strung out on drugs, depravity around me. I'm walking the streets alone, amazed and overwhelmed by what I see. They are walking alone, some in groups, some in their private torment, they are smoking crack, doing drugs, everything evil... I see my youngest brother(10 years younger than me) I am shocked to see him here, amongst the filfth(irl he's concerned about his image, very clean cut, well dressed, trendy handsome) I say "what are you doing here?" He looks gross, gross clothes, dirty, he's smoking crack.... with a group of other addicts he replies" this is who I am" I say "don't say that, this is not who you are don't say it!" he says " you just have to face it, this is who I am"
I stand there so devastated... dream ends

irl- he lives at home still with my dad, can't "get it together" ... never grew up, very angry and disrespectful, can't hold a job down for long, my dad still supports him. He is still very hurt by an abrupt seperation/divorce and was emotionally abandoned by my mom. I stepped in as an early teen and raised him the best I could. A great deal of emotional and some physical abuse in our house. My dad was a functional drug addict(clean for four yrs now), drug addiction is rampant in my dads side of the family. His father overdosed at 21 and died. Both my brothers have like to "party" the other one has gotten it together but struggles emotionally from our childhood, alot of emotional damage, mom never was a mom to any of us. The other one accepted jesus christ as savior many years ago and never set foot in a church or read his bible since. my other brother not saved. I am the first one saved in my family.

I'll continue to pray about this, it ways heavy on my heart... let me know if there is anything you may get too, I need it thanks~

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