Dream about my husband and I

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Dream about my husband and I

Post by Christa on Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:49 am

Last night, I had a dream that my husband and I moved out of the place we were in (where he lives now). We had already supposedly moved out, but I revisited the place because I saw a woman working on the lot next to it, arranging large wooden containers that she was going to lease out to people (for storage?). I asked her what she was doing and I told her that I used to live in the place on the same lot. She said that the owner (his name is John) of the property killed a couple of guys and took off to the island of Antigua. I decided to go look inside just to make sure that I cleaned up the place nice enough when I left, and there was still a bunch of stuff in there: My daughter's toys, boxes of important miscellaneous stuff, and in our closet I had some old dresses that didn't fit me anymore. The layout of the place was completely different, there were walk-in closets, the kitchen was in a different spot, and there was shag carpet. I also saw in my closet a brand new shirt that was my size. It was red, black, and white. It had a strange design on it and it still had the price tag. I wondered if this was meant to be given to me by my husband or if he had cheated on me and it was meant for someone else. He walked in the door and I started nagging him. I told him that we needed to get everything out of here. I also told him that we didn't need all of those toys that were spilling out of huge clear plastic trash bags. He yelled at me and said that we were keeping all of them. If you have anything on this dream, I would sure appreciate it.

IRL my husband works for our landlord (this is recent) and our landlord has been no where to be seen for a week.
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