Hayden Panateri and her Cancer Center

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Hayden Panateri and her Cancer Center

Post by Christa on Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:14 pm

I had a dream that Hayden Panateri (I believe she's the High School Musical actress, but I don't know) was being stocked and that her brother-in-law's house (which is where she lived) was being staked out. She went out of town for a few days and someone had forgotten to give water and food + 1 slice of american cheese (which was supposed to be placed in the foyer) to her dog. The dog, golden retriever, was emaciated. I told the person who was there ( ? ), "Give me the dog, I'll nurse it back to health." I loaded up the dog in my car and drove off. As I was driving I began to add up my dreams and realized that the dream I had about my sister-in-law was a prophecy that someone was going to attack HP. I drove back to the house and went in hesistantly. I got to the foyer, and the 1 slice of american cheese wasn't there, so I knew HP was in danger. I wanted to investigate, so I entered. To my right, I saw a door that said, "Cancer Center" above it. I walked in nervously and realized that HP had a cancer center for children and babies. I walked through that hallway which lead to many little rooms with very sick children in them. They were all in beds. The last room I came to had sick babies and they had blankets that I crocheted for them. They were the same colors as my daughter's blanket (which IRL I crocheted for her). I kind of wanted them back for keepsakes. I didn't say this out loud and IRL I would NEVER even want to take something like that back to keep. A lady turned to me and said, "We reuse these blankets and send them to different locations." My guess is that they did that when the babies either died or went home. I felt so sad for these children and babies. The next thing I remember is checking with security to see if any suspicious activity had been occuring.
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