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by HisLightbeam on Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:23 pm

This was a very interesting dream. There was a fight scenario and everything, but I wasn't afraid. I was feeling the tension, but I was fearless.

In this dream, I had an aerial view of Louisiana going from New Orleans and the surrounding suburbs to the edge of Shreveport. (never seen this IRL) I could see all the bodies of water. I was with several people, and I had on white slacks, a white sweater with thin gray glittery horizontal stripes, and I had on some beautiful white strap-back sandals. (don't own this stuff IRL), and I had my hair curled very beautifully, and swept up in the front, with the back hanging to mid-back. We were in this huge boat, and it was very well stocked, and luxurious. We went on deck, and viewed the shoreline and the city of New Orleans. I saw burnt red brick buildings, that were kind of old. And some new ones. I saw a greco - roman top of a building. It was a different color, but I cannot say what the color is. It seemed to be a nice breeze, a lovely, cool, sunny day. Like it was fall, but I didn't see any leaves. It seems that it was fall to me. Then I was being followed by this guy with honey blonde hair to his ears. He was lanky and muscular. We had a fight, fell down some stairs, into this area below deck. I won, and I was smiling. People were cheering me. (IRL, I don't think I want to fight a dude.) We went back up on deck, and that aerial map kept popping up to help us navigate. A few people were confused on how we were going to get back from New Orleans to my city. So the map popped back up. We aligned ourselves with the shape of Lake Ponchartrain, and how we saw the bridges lined up, and we went the opposite direction. There was land that we knew we had to cross, but we weren't worried because the boat had wheels, and that is how we were going to cross. This time when the map popped up, I had a handkerchief around my neck, with my arms folded across my chest, and it seemed that I was the decision-maker. In the dream, I was confident that I would get to my intended destination. I had a feeling of "almost home". Triumph. Somebody please take a shot at this one. I looked up the definition of ponchartrain, but I could not get one.

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