The store that was not a store and the ladies.

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The store that was not a store and the ladies.

Post by HisLightbeam on Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:52 pm

I was in my car with my brother and his children. Actually it wasn't my car, because it was long and official-looking, and I ain't got nothing like it. Anyway, we went somewhere, and there was this old building next to this store. We were going to go in the store, but then my brother was like, that store is closed. But then I saw some lights and a person walking around in there. It was our neighbor's nephew. He had two more people with him. The windows were the large windows bisected by the steel beams that run horizontal to the ground. There were long sections of butcher's paper and tape covering them and the door, but I could see the lights on the ceiling through a big gap, and a man's head and leg through another gap in the paper covering. He had on men's long shorts, white socks, and some simple nike white shoes. The ones from the nineties that are suede, or leather. My brother told me to get back in the car. There were these two ladies who looked like they were lost, but were really some type of inspectors, but I had a feeling that this is not what they really do, that they were doing something more perpendicular to what the three guys were doing with their something more in this particular store. It reminded me of a checkmate. One of the women, they were both so nice and middle-aged, but real authoritative, came to help us buckle the boys in, so that we could, "be on our way." And we left and did not look back.

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