A classroom, a shower, a secretarial pool, and my boaz.

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A classroom, a shower, a secretarial pool, and my boaz.

Post by HisLightbeam on Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:42 pm

This dream happened in a church setting, but I didn't really know or have never seen these people, as dreams, go. I dreamt that I was in a classroom seated in one of those all-in-one desks, that make you feel caged in, if you have to sit on the left side of the classroom, which I was doing. I had on a sleeveless plain white shirt, and a fine necklace. I had a light gray sweater tied around my waist, and some beige slacks, with some beige sandals. My hair was up in a little feathery twist. I got up from my seat, because we were dismissed from the class. I was told to go get my clothes, because I was going to take a shower. I picked up some clothes that were blood red. Just a shirt, some pants, and undies. I got also a towel. When I went to the showers, some other people were coming out. The stalls looked a little short, but still, it didn't bother me, or anyone else. I could see a kind of church secretarial pool behind the showers. The were very busy, keeping people processed and coming and going and finishing and beginning. They never looked up, but it was like I got the feeling they were very friendly but very efficient. They had on glasses, and pens behind their ears. They were seldom seated, but when they were, they were processing information. I couldn't really say what they were using was computers, but I guess that is what they were. Thbey did have notepads all around, and those were in order too. They had a lot of work orders that were being fulfilled. My boaz was getting ready to shower, and I was like, I need to hurry up and shower too. But I was really curious and intrigued by the secretaries' behaviour and what they were doing. I climbed up the side -it was really short- of the shower stall. The one nearest me had on large white creamy pearls the size of gumballs. She pointed a finger at me, and shook it, like, "ah ah ah", and then she shooed me, like "girl, go take your shower". Then I climbed over a step or two, and and over this seat that reminded me of the umpire seat for a volleyball game or a tennis game. It was tall over the showers, just to the left of me, but no one was in it. I got in the shower and started getting clean, but I couldn't see the water, I could just feel it. I got out and dried off, and when I looked over, my boaz was already dressed and leaving. It is weird, because my memory in the dream is that we had had a long pleasant, joking conversation, like IRL we sometimes do, and that wasn't in the beginning of the dream, but it was like a memory of a conversation we had before whatever we were doing now had happened. confusing for sure. somebody please help me with this.

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