during prayer

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during prayer

Post by danny on Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:42 am

recently i wanted to pray for certain specific things in life which i had a dream about 3 yrs ago asking me to wait n pray
i did it for 3 yrs and was very frustrated cos they werent coming to pass n not even a sign of it
everything was going opposite to it, so i wondered if it was the lord who gave it to me or not.
so i sat down in prayer n said lord i want you to tell m something and today i am not going to take silence for an answer cos i had enough and now i have to choose.
in prayer i had a flash of a name moses but couldnt see anything,next was a man marching around a wall thought may be its walls of jericho i think they were crashing i am not sure,next i saw a man (around 25 to 30 yrs age) was talking on phone and i could see the receiver of the phone it was green in color.
i am not understanding what they mean but i know that it wsa my answer and next thing i asked god for a sign and it came.
i go to the same church and that day was a week day so it was empty
a lady walked in prayed and she came to me opened a packet of bread and gave it and left.
it never happened to me like that so how do i put them together.
thank you for helping me out.
may god bless you all.

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