Dream of Jesus, Angel, Obstacles, Rabbit and a lamb....

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Dream of Jesus, Angel, Obstacles, Rabbit and a lamb....

Post by SWS on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:34 am

This is my husbands dream....

we(my wife and I) had a vision in mind, something the Lord told us to do, we both saw it. We get in the car to get to where we need to be. We are in an industrial part of town , my wife is agitated, she is concerned we won't get there in time( she is a type A always concerned with time). We come to a railroad crossing, train signal comes on, she is telling me just go through (the guard rails) we need to get there, I respond, " look, the Lord gave us this vision, it will be waiting for us when we get there, He knows this is happening and he'll have everything waiting until we arrive. We know what we are supposed to do already." she sits back and says " you're right okay"(like she usually does when I explain things logically to her) I say "besides, look the train is right there" We look train is right there coming across the track and then stops in front of us we are blocked by the train.
Dream changes we are at home. We are in our real house, just like it is really happening, we wake up at 4 in the morning and are in our pjamas. We go into the living room, my eyes are closed, I see a vision of Jesus, I'm overwhelmed with joy, I've had this vision once before in real life. I tell my wife what I see, she starts praising God, rejoicing, praying, then I say to you see that? She says "yes, the angel?" I say yes and open my eyes, we see the same thing and praise God. Then I say " we need to test the spirit" my wife calls out and tests the spirit in the name of Jesus and then says" the vision is not what it is, everything changed" I say "you're right, it has". We get up and walk the house, checking things, I check the kids they are sleeping(just like it's real life) I look out my window and I see my dog attacking a rabbit. I yell at her (the akita) and say "leave the rabbit alone" (she is typically very dormant, lets squirrels tear up the yard and birds eat her dog food) She lets go and the rabbit attacks her instead. I run out with a towel and chase the rabbit around the yard, rabbit is running I want to catch it and get it out of my yard away from our garden. I see a soft pure white lamb on the right, laying there not moving or flinching at this whole scene. I chase the rabbit and it gets trapped by a bush right before the lamb. I cover the rabbit with a towel, grab it and get rid of it. end of dream

this is the first time either my wife or I have ever dreamed something so realistic (our house our kids our yard) and we were in the dream together.
Thank you all for your time and insight with this.

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