being killed by an illegal army

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being killed by an illegal army

Post by bottlecap2 on Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:34 am

We (my family), had gone out into the desert in a Humvee. We were all dressed in fatigues and an Army person of rank was driving us. We had been to this place before and had slipped in and been caught by the army but with warnings had been released and told to never come back. The army man that was driving us this time drove the Humvee high up on a sand dune where we could see the illegal facility that was being run by the army. He had never been there before and was very niave concerning the seriousness of our being anywhere close to the facility. I saw another Humvee exit the facility and knew it was time for us to leave that they were coming for us. I told the driver he had to go! And go now! He was not going very fast and I further pressed him to speed up and get moving! He turned the Humvee around and another Humvee came out of nowhere and rammed us. They began firing shot at our vehicle trying to force us to stop. The driver of our vehicle then understood the severity of our situation and really began his attempt to elude our would be captors. I saw one of these captors fire a special weapon at us that struck the tire of our vehicle and rolled our truck, throwing us from the vehicle. Our driver reached for his pistol and I grabbed his hand and stopped him. They stretched us out on the ground and one army person came by and took out a knife and began cutting people. He cut the person next to me but I never saw exactly who he cut. I had the impression it was one of my daughters so I grabbed his knife hand and tried to stop him. He then cut me across the stomach and I could feel blood coming from my body. I would not look at my wound but for some reason thought that from my wound water and blood was flowing and I was drowning as I pleaded with him to stop cutting the people. I then spoke to him and said something about how that soon he would stand before his maker and have to give and account for what he was doing, to which it seemed he knew but had given up hope of forgivness.

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