my kids going downtown, beware of Grandma

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my kids going downtown, beware of Grandma

Post by usemeLord on Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:36 am

The dream starts with my husbands mother and her friends sitting around talking. Two of my children (Melissa and Kyle and a my child's friend (Megan) wanted to go downtown (they are 7, 8 and 9) I said sure since Grandma was going. There were going to walk around downtown. I told them they couldn't be near Grandma though, cause I knew she would be gambling. I went with them to get them on the bus, the grandma and kids. I thought they got on, I turned to tell my other daughter "let's go" and I see the two children that were supposed to be on the bus and I was aghast that they didn't get on bus, especially since Megan was now going all alone. I decided to call Grandma and tell her to stay with Megan until I could get to downtown myself. I went to where we were staying at condo but it turned out to be wrong condo, this condo had different stores on the bottom level, they were ritzy-er more expensive, I didn't feel I belonged there and I seemed to be in the way all the time. This clerk lady saw my rings and finally helped me cause she then knew I belonged there. I got a car with my two children and started off downtown. It was hard to find a road that wasn't a dead end. Finally I saw a big wide street that looked like it would lead downtown, hardley any cars at all on it and I decided to go onto it. end of dream

In real life there is no way I would let children walk around by themselves in a downtown anywhere.

Second My son (the one in the dream) had a dream about this same girl that I had a dream about Megan. He dreamed that they heard big thumps on the ground and ran, he wanted to go over the bridge but ended up going under the bridge where he saw the monster making the big thumps. He saw Megan and her mother and told them not to come down under the bridge but to go over the bridge.

Third my daughter Melissa had a dream about the Grandma the same day. She was riding her bike in the driveway and Grandma came in a car and almost ran her over. My daughter had to go in the grass to get away from her car. Then a man in a car came on the grass to where she was almost hitting her.

I am sure these are related. What does Grandma represent? She barely sees my kids and definately does not know Megan.

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