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Hey, I'm Next!

Post by lola21st on Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:26 pm

I had this dream a few months ago, but it has stayed with me....

A friend and I were at our house (we don't live together IRL). We were going to run errands independently then meet back at the house. I went to a two level strip mall (a smaller mall where all the stores are grouped together (typically less than 10 stores) and the entrances to each store are directly from the outside) and went to the phone store but was told it relocated to the lower level and was given directions to the store's new location. I walked down a flight of stairs to the lower level of stores and found the store. I went in and got in line to pay my bill. There were three young(er) women standing close by and I thought they were making comments about me. I looked at them and chuckled to myself because I thought it was silly that they had nothing better to do. The cashier called for the next customer and the girls walked up to the counter to begin a transaction. I called out to them that I was next and walked up to the counter. I told the cashier that I was next and wanted service. At first the cashier suggested that since she began with them that I should just wait but I insisted that since it was my turn that she assist me and stop the transaction with these girls. She finally obliged.

I went back home and my friend and I were talking about our experiences that day. We were in the kitchen making tea. The kitchen was bright and the time of day must have been in the afternoon because the lighting was warm. We were talking near the kitchen counter which was very wide. There was a large map of the world made of some type of metal (unpolished bronze or copper) that was inlaid into the counter material. What I noticed about this (as a observer in the dream, not as a participant), was the size of the map (full size that took up most of the counter), the texture (it reflected the topography of the world, e.g., the mountainous regions of the world were raised but not so high that the counter wasn’t functional), and the shape of the map (it wasn’t rectangular or round, it was like someone took a globe and took the sections apart then laid them out so that they were still connected near the equator but allowed to fan out at the ends that would normally curve and meet at the North/South Poles. End of dream.

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