Saint Donna's Drieam of War...

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Saint Donna's Drieam of War...

Post by saint donna on Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:31 pm

Frist I would like to thank Mia for having this sort of web site up and for free. Since I am a Christian and a Saint as well, I like to be called Saint Donna... thank you... :kitty: Ok about my dream.... this afternoon I took a nap... while I was alsleep ..right before waking up, my dream setting was we were in War.. I was helping people by encouraging them to keep moving forwards... as well as showing them the path. I was a bit scared not too much... I saw my husband there... he had a gun... and without me or him speaking ... I knew he wanted to go another way... but I did not really trust him or his judgement. I wanted God to take me but I did not want to die. That was my dream... Thank YOu in advance for helping me understand this dream... Saint Donna.. Big Hug for you... praying

saint donna
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