Dream in Two Scenes Including Enlisting in the Air Force

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Dream in Two Scenes Including Enlisting in the Air Force

Post by miltond on Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:30 pm

I had a dream that was broken up into two segments or scenes.

Scene 1:

I dreamed that I had enlisted in the Air Force. When I reported for duty, my wife came along with me and she actually stayed with me throughout my time in the Air Force. My wife helped me to pick out the bunk where I'd be sleeping. Outside the barracks there was a courtyard with a pond around it. A supply plane flew overhead and dropped little plastic vials with supplies in them. The vials were the size of the remote control for your television. When the supply vials hit the ground, you'd pick one up and take it to a little device on the wall (similar to the price check scanning devices that are found in some stores) to scan it. You'd press the vile against the device on the wall and it would emit a color. If the color was blue, that indicated that the supply vile was for you. This scene of the dream ends.

Scene 2:

I was in a house that I knew to be mine, but it had the appearance of my paternal grandmother's house. I was walking through a storage room in the basement where the furnace was and I was carrying a baby boy who was my son. I took my son and went for a long walk. Along the way we came upon a park. Several of my relatives were there including my siblings, some uncles and aunts. My relatives were all sitting in this little shed-like building that had a screen door on one end. My relatives all sat in the dark facing each other. There was a person who was standing about 20-30 yards away outside the shed and the person was throwing a football into the shed. Someone inside would catch the football and throw it back out, but would not leave the shed. When it was time for me to leave, my family didn't want me to leave, but I left with my son and went on to the barber shop.

There was a long line of people waiting to get into the barbershop; hundreds of people in line. I got at the end of the line, but the people in front of me all told me to go ahead of them. So, I'm sitting in the barber shop and there's this young man who is saying all kinds of derogatory things about God. At this point, everyone there turned and looked at me as if it to say, "What are you going to do about what he's saying?" As if I was the defender of God. I got up and said "I am a Christian and I love the Lord!" I then started walking toward the blasphemer and with each step, I declared a different name for Jesus: He's The Alpha and the Omega, The Firstborn from the dead, The Ruler of the kings of the earth, etc... With each step the blasphemer got smaller and smaller. As I did all this, a righteous fire burned within me as if I were engaged in battle with the devil himself. The blasphemer didn't say anything else so, finally, I sat back down. A woman who looked to be in her late 50's came over to me, I stood up and the woman said, "That was the best thing I ever heard!" She gave me a huge hug, broke down in tears and said, "You saved me!" I said to her, "God bless you! God loves you!" and she cried all the more. The dream ends here.

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