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Post by nubava on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:36 am

Couple of days ago when I had this dream after it I had this one but I completely forgot about it.

My family was planning to go out, movie, etc. I was trying to do my hair but I didnít like anything I did. Eventually it was good. I was looking in the mirror and thinking that a war started and this is the second country I move to and again a war started. (IRL I used to live for a short period of time in a country where a literal war started but it was not long one a month. But I didnít move from there because of the was). Then I was looking out from the window and what I saw were bullet flying may be one block away from our house. They were golden and I could see color although it was very sunny. It seemed to be submachine gun burst and it was from left side and it seemed to me that there was no or little response from the right side. But it seemed to be a normal day, people were walking and I thought it could dangerous for them. I also thought when we go to the grocery store we need to be careful so that the bullets donít harm us.
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