moving to farm in Wyoming, Colorado -Mountains?

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moving to farm in Wyoming, Colorado -Mountains?

Post by bottlecap2 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:44 am

I have had parts of this dream 3 times now. The parts about purchasing the farm.
IRL - We live on a farm and are trying to pay it off.

We (my family) went to the mountains to buy our farm. The farm was on a major highway between 2 cities. The road between the two cities was the only way to either of the cities. The home was close to the highway and at times I remember hearing cars and trucks pass by on the road and thinking they sure are noisy and could be an irratation. We were looking thing over, but this was to be our farm and we were getting familiar with the place. We were however not able to get our money together to purchase the place so we left.

We moved to Las Vegas, where I was a policeman. There was a man, a criminal who pushed a young person in a hospital bed out of the window on a high rise building. The young person had a parachute on but did not know it , the man knew it. The glass was broken and the bed was rolled out. Over the period of some time several people ended up going out of windows, but they all had parachutes on. We the police were trying to catch the man, but he had eluded us on several occasions when were close to catching him. I was miserable, but I was doing the best I could as a policeman. Fianally, we moved back to the farm.

I was going to get the farm purchased and make it a go. I began following the current owner around the farm assisting him with chores. We were going to the back of the property and had gone through several barns doing chores. In one barn there were a lot of calves and we put out feed in the troughs, but we had put out too much feed. The trough appeared to be about 2 feet deep and we had filled it to the brim. As we left that barn I remember knowing that there was way too much feed in the trough, but there were calves and horses all lined up eating the feed. On again to the back of the property, but by way of another barn full of trucks and equipment. We were trying to get a truck out and having to work at it because of the other equipment in the barn. The owner, his wife and his son were there. His wife was sitting in a high place in the barn but never said anything. ( In the other 2 dreams, I remember knowing that she was a really mean, angry person). The owner had gone off to do something and I was working with the son to get the truck out. He gave me his father's keys. I remember that the ring was large and full of keys, I commented to the son that they must have weighed 4 lbs.

We never made it to the back of the property.

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