Travellling in CAR

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Travellling in CAR

Post by godsmessage on Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:08 pm


First :

Thanks a lot for interpreting this dream for me.

I was sitting in the back seat travelling in a big car (feeling very proudly) and discussing something with one of my colleague (In real life I rarely speak with this guy but I admire at the way he organizes the things).

I saw my boss out of car window and after that I saw, me and my boss were travelling along with few people in one vehicle. He is holding one 3-4yrs boy and I was holding 6-7yrs girl. The vehicle stopped and I stepped out of vehicle with the girl, I felt girl was closely associated with me.

Second dream (same night):

Me and my husband were sitting on a very high silver stairs and eating some food. One little girl climbed all the stairs and showed me Rs.1000 note in her hand.. Later on I searched her but could not get her.

Thanks a lot for your analysis and spending precious time.

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