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Post by alina on Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:10 am

I was in a hospital bed, and a pastor of a church I went to briefly a few years ago came in the room. It switched from that to us sitting at a long table in some kind of banquette room. The room was empty except for us, and church women in black dresses sitting along the table. I was sitting dirrectly across from the pastor, and I began to explain a situation I had been going through with a non-christian man. We have been in a sexual relationship. I have tried to end if several times, but I keep going back. There have been strong emotions between us, but I know it isn't right. I really want a christian husband, (that I know God has promised me). I have been in alot of pain over this. While I am talking the pastor is holding my hand, and he begins singing soulfull love songs. The women sitting next to him is judgemental and angry toward me. I start to defend myself. The pastor takes my hand and leads me to the other end of the table. He puts my hand in the hand of a very sweet young women, and he leaves. She is compassionate. She begins to cry and intercede for me with all her heart!

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Re: prophetic/relationship

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:16 am

The Holy Spirit is the one comforting you.
Surely you will get your christian husband despite the devil's accusations
Your flesh and the sin are the one accussing you
so the society that represent your conscience
But Believe God on this That Jesus Loves You,That He came to look For sinners and to undo the works of the devil.
To break all the chains and made those in bondage free.
He is aware of your struggle ..just trust God Do not let the devil to keep you in bondage with unclean feelings..
Believe God..the key here is : Do you trust God enough to believe that He can give you a Good Christian man?
can you save yourself and wait on his promise?


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