INTERpret! :D

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INTERpret! :D

Post by butterfly1321 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:47 pm

so. i remember a lot of really random details...
I was at church and this lady Christi told me to sing. I told her i couldn't because i didn't have anything to sing, and she said, come on, yes you can, i'll sing with you. So we sang the star spangled banner. I couldn't really hear myself sing and I was getting into it and was hoping to be louder. Then a guy that I used to like walked in in the middle of me singing and it was cool that he was there!

After i sang, this little girl, rebecca, who i used to babysit was about to go up and sing and she was nervous but i told her if i could do it then she could too.

I was then with a friend talking about my friend darnald and how he's sometimes too hyper for me and then he walked in singing..

then saw my friend ben, that had walked in when i was singing, and hugged him.

After that i was in the gym at long beach university and i saw my friend shayna and she who was apparently going there and was in basketball practice. she told me she was going there now and i thought maybe i should go there and be with her and my other friend krystia, who actually goes there in real life. i thought i could go there for a yr. then transfer to northridge..

Then i told my mom in a thrift store with gma and ryan. she didn't think it was a good idea but was thinking about it

i also remember seeing a shoe...

this is long! thanks guys, hope i can get some insight from you! thank you!

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Re: INTERpret! :D

Post by usemeLord on Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:13 am

I see alot of the people in your life in this dream. Your friends, girl you babysit, mother.......

Singing can represent rejoicing; thanksgiving; prayer; praise. The Psalms are songs but they are sometimes prayers. Have you been praying for all these people? If this isn't a literal dream then being in college is very good, it's the top of the learning area. God is teaching you something at the highest level. These are just thoughts I pray God will show you the meaning of this dream.

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