Bubbling Tank and 2 Pastors

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Bubbling Tank and 2 Pastors

Post by Jordanriver8 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:39 pm

In this dream, I was at a University lecture hall. Actually two lecture halls. The first was for visiting high school students who were learning about university life, courses, lectures etc. Next door to that lecture hall, was another lecture hall which I needed to go for my class. (The crazy thing was you had to pass through the high school lecture hall into the one that I needed to be in.)

When I entered the second lecture hall. I looked up at the available seats and saw a lot of students already seated. The hall could probably fit about 500 to 800 people. But the hall wasn't completely filled with that amount of people, possibly half of that number was there. I remember deciding to sit in the first row. Which was funny because, nobody was there. The first row was a water tank with submerged seats in the tank. It was filled to the brim with clear bubbling water. I opened the little side door (surprisingly the water never gushed out) and I sat in this tank of bubbling water up to my waist/slightly pass my stomach, waiting for my class to begin. I saw a friend of mine who was a Youth Pastor in the dream (but irl, he is not a Pastor).

I saw a young goregous female university student talking to the youth pastor, teasing him, flirting with him, blowing kisses at him, and he kept telling her to leave him alone, that she was destroying his life and his marriage. So she left by a side door giggling and telling him she would be back later. You could clearly see he was frustrated with her and with his life. A Pastor friend of mine (and he is a Pastor in irl) Started to speak with the youth pastor, because you could visibly see he was upset, about the situation. He kept saying how his marriage was over, and his life was ruined. And that everything was coming to an end. I remember getting out of my box and taping my Pastor's friend shoulder and asked if I could help him with this situation. They all seemed to be in agreement and I told them to follow me. All three of us walked back to the first lecture hall with all the high school kids, and I pressed this button to contact some intercessors, but the button wasn't working properly and so we started going back to the original hall I was in and my dream ended.

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