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Good grief

Post by bottlecap on Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:08 pm

I've been praying for my son (a freshman in college) and I remembered that I've only dreamed twice with him in it. I went searching for those dreams and came across this one. It bothered me that in both dreams he was being attacked.

My son was being beaten by bullies. I was wearing a silver coat and someone took it from me and when I saw it again, it had been made into a kite or something that floated in the air. I chased after the bullies but they ran away. (Scene flips) David and I were on our way to our house, a new house, and planted in the landscape were 3 beautiful little bushes with grape-like hanging white flowers. Someone ran up all excited and asked where we got them. I saw in my mind how it looked when we found it (it was on a cliff or something): there was only a tiny little bit of one still alive but the rest of the plant was dead. I had pulled it up and nursed it back to health and gotten 3 plants. Then the person told me these were supposed to be extinct and that they were in Nebechednezzer's Hanging Garden.

(Scene flip) My husband, my youngest daughter and I were in a snow storm and my grandmother told him about a haven and gave him directions. She gave us a reindeer to ride through the snow and we made our way through the forest until we found a giant aloe plant. Grandmother had told us that there was a hidden back door on the plant. Inside was a fire place and rooms like a home. We put the baby to sleep and asked where the friend who was supposed to meet us in the plant was. My husband said that he must have missed the trail but that he had laid out an orange cable in the snow so he could find his way to us but he never did.

Any help?

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