Death of brother and a baby graveyard

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Death of brother and a baby graveyard

Post by krista on Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:20 am

Sorry this is so long-I dont know why but i am dreaming every night very vivid dreams- this is new to me and I am having a hard time interrpretting the dreams (i think they need to be interpretted because they are so vivid unlike before) How can you tell if a dream should be disregarded or payed attention too? My dream this morning was upsetting because my brother died in it. I was taking a shower at some mans house I didnt know- but he was nice and had shampoo and soap there for me- while in the shower i saw the ghost of a woman (just her head faintly) that scared me so I stayed in the shower and prayed. I then got out of the shower and was leaving the bathroom- standing in the door way when another ghost appeared behind me in the bathroom-the unkown man came down the hallway to be with me as we met the ghost. The ghost reminded me of kathleen turner and she and the man had been having a relationship and she was upset that he left her to pursue something with me even though she said it was okay earlier (but the man told me earlier we were just friends). next we were in a grave yard near her grave and it was explained that she couldnt go to far beyond the grave(the house was in the graveyard) also that there was part of the cemetary just dead babies and it was pointed out i remeber seeing crosses. Somebody said that was nice. Next thing I am in the house in a room and i realize my brother has died. I am very sad and feel that I miss him. I see a flashlight (the kind you attach to your head- i had one i used to read at night when i was on a misson) on the floor that is his that he left behind and it isnt on. Thank you

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