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It starts with my mom being on the phone with this guy, who needs to be picked up from the airport. It was a military airforce base. I got the sense that the guy was in the military as well. Mom was talking about picking him up, but it would cost 100.00. She was trying to see where she would get the money from, so she was thinking really hard. The next scene was of me and my sister MM driving through different streets. We saw a couple of streetwalkers on the corner, really young and pretty. I only had a glimpse of them, one black and one white, they were part of the surroundings, but no ministry interaction (IRL, I would have sought the Lord really quickly to see if I needed to minister), but the phone rang and the guy was on the line with my sister. I was seated on the left, and my sister was on the right, driving and talking on the phone. where i am from, the steering wheel is always on the left (i thought about this part just now) unless you are a mail carrier. She isn't and i am not. It is the same guy. my sister is extremely happy, and I can hear the intimacy in her voice inflections, like she was embarassed to be so in sync with him in front of me. So I can hear his voice, and it has a heavy accent, like from Africa. I see he is really dark, with olive green uniform that has stars on his shoulder. MM is also seeing where she can get 100.00. I was going to offer it, but I don't have it. Then Mom tells me on the phone to go to Record Street. I don't know what for, but I can know where it is. In real life, I have never been to a record street. I say to my sister that it used to be called another name, but we have to take a left then a right and it is a dead end street. But I can see it doesn't really dead end after all. We can go straight through. The trip to go and get this man will be long, that is why we need 100.00. Just for the gas. This is the estimated amount for the trip. End of dream.

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