Dream About the Economy with Possible Prophetic Element

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Dream About the Economy with Possible Prophetic Element

Post by miltond on Wed Sep 02, 2009 3:32 pm

Dream from Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back story:

Due to the state of the economy, my employer offered an early retirement package in an effort to eliminate some salaries. Including myself, there were four people in my group. Three of the four accepted the retirement the offer. That left me to carry on.

The Dream:

The dream takes place in an office building that I know to be my office. The word “office” doesn’t really fit. Imagine a large work area where several cubicles for many people once stood, but were removed, leaving a cavernous office space. The area was dimly lit – just barely enough light for me to see what was on my desk.There are only two people working in my whole department. Not sure who the other person is, but I know it's a woman. We are sitting at desks that are side-by-side and facing a bank of elevators. There are lights shining above the elevators. There is more light illuminating the elevators than that which was provided for us to work.In fact, the elevators are the most brightly lit parts of the office.

Since we are the only two left at the company, we have to coordinate lunch times; apparently, we couldn’t both be gone at the same time. At one point, I go to another department on another floor. When I get there, a man comes out of a locked area with a large window to commend me for "sticking with the company". He shakes my hand and geves me a Circuit City gift card. I take the gift card and leave immediately to go to Circuit City to redeem the card.

Circuit City is also dark/dimly lit. I go to purchase a cd player/walkman with the gift card. The sales woman tries to sell me some of the older outdated models that were big and bulky, but I refuse them and hold out for a newer model. As the sales clerk helps me, another male sales clerk comes up to her and tells her that he is leaving and that she is on her own. At this point, she is the only employee left in the store and the store is busy with customers. The sales clerk who is helping me just says "ok" and seems to accept it without complaint as if this happens to her often. The dream ends here. I have no recollection of leaving the store.

NOTE: On November 10, 2008, Circuit City filed for bankruptcy and later closed its stores. <-- Prophetic??

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