PRAISES: 2 puffy birds

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PRAISES: 2 puffy birds

Post by RnestseekR on Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:14 am

Good morning. Just wanted to share with you all what God has done for me and my grandmother, to whom I am so close!
I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I was at my grandmother's old house. Running up the middle of the house was an airshaft, like AC shafts that run under the floors, but it ran straight across, no branching off or anything. I heard some commotion and realized that there were these 2 red, puffed up birds. They seemed silly or dumb to me. I thought they were "dough-dough birds". (Don't know if there is such a thing or not). When the "workers" were building the house, they did not realize that the birds had gotten in there and the workers had sealed the end of the airshaft. The I saw a hand come down from the sky and take the cap off the end of the airshaft. The birds were taken out. The workers came and sealed back up the sheet metal of the air vent.

I completely forgot I had had the dream until I was on my way the next day to take care of Grandma and the same clouds I had seen in an earlier part of the above dream I saw in the real life sky as I was driving. Immediately, I knew that seeing Grandma's house represented her and the airshaft her spine. But I had NO IDEA what the 2 birds represented. I told my mom about it and told her to pray that "God would take the 2 red, puffy birds out of Grandma's back".

Then, yesterday, I was in prayer and it suddenly hit me: 2 RED, PUFFY birds=INFLAMMATION! DUH! So here's a copy of the e-mail I wrote to my mom yesterday, Monday, 09/15:
"I have been in prayer a great deal this morning. I had the MOST POWERFUL experience of filling of the Holy Spirit last night. AMAZING!!! Would desperately LOVE to get that back again today! Anyways, as I was praying just now (while cleaning of all things), I had a total revelation about the dream of Grandma's house w/ the AC duct and the red puffed-up birds running up and down the center shaft. The birds represent 2 areas of INFLAMMATION!!!! So obvious I couldn't see it! Red, puffy birds. Inflammation is manifested as REDNESS when the capillaries expand to allow more blood to circulate to the problemed area. The extra fluid (PUFFINESS) and such is secondary to the capillaries expanding. While the capillaries bring antibodies and white blood cells and other nutrients to heal, they also bring fluid (aka Plasma) since that's what the blood cells and nutrients float in. So, initially, inflammation is a helpful mechanism in the body, but when it gets out of control or continues for too long, it can be a bad thing. The puffiness causes swelling which cuts off additional blood supply and also pain as it causes pressure on nearby nerves. Which is why initially you HEAT a sprain (to promote the blood flow) but then ICE, to get rid of the swelling.

ANYWAYS, it seems that the antiinflammatory that they have given Grandma is helpful. But if the rest of my dream is correct, there are 2 areas of inflammation - so keep a second area on the radar!!!!

I know you must think I am NUTS, but after Friday's events and dream, and then the sudden light going on while in prayer today, I believe even more that there is a second area of inflammation that might be helped by patches - or even the TENS unit, but the TENS unit isn't really for inflammation, it's an electrical wave passed through the skin (transdermal electrical nerve stimulation is what it stands for). The second area of inflammation may have already been healed ???? since this dream is now so old, but I don't think so. I think there's a second one either active currently or will become active. Has ice helped Grandma at all????

DUH! is all I have to say. How many years of nursing practice and I didn't get that redness and puffiness in the back would be inflammation!"
(End of e-mail)

Then this morning, 09/16, Tuesday, she (my mom) writes back to me:
"Well Trena my child of wonder and how I do love you...The second inflamation hit today.
The therapist will be here today and I am ordering the inflamination pads as it helped on Saturday and it helped yesterday AM. Mom was in severe pain this morning. I gave her 2 pain pills and put high heat on her back just to allievate a bit of pain. I am hopeful it will knock her out until the therapist is here. The injections will be for imflamination but can not start on them until October 3 so I am hopeful the pads applied daily will be of benefit. Should I have her take anything for imflammation? She can not take alieve it tears her stomach up."
(end of e-mail)
And the silliness, of course, was me in the birds. What a dough-dough I feel like not have understood what the birds represented. I have been a registered nurse for almost 11 years now! God has SUCH a sense of humor and I believe He's been laughing at/with me for 2 weeks now!:) I LOVE a sense of humor!

Please take a moment and offer PRAIE and GLORY to God. I KNOW that He sees my Grandma, has heard her prayer and has sent us this knowledge so we can get her pain under control. I believe The Father meant this to be an encouragement to my Grandmother and that when we get a hold on this inflammation, she will be healed completely and will not have any more back problems. And what an encouragement to me! I see how God saw and took care of my Grandmother. Will He not also see and take care of me!?! May your faith be encouraged and renewed today! God sees you, loves you and tends to you! Draw close to him! Thank you, Jesus!
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Re: PRAISES: 2 puffy birds

Post by Dove-Solutions on Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:31 am


It just goes to show you that when we are close to the subject personally it is hard to see the obvious and don't you know that is the Lords way to show us in a playful way as to not make us feel bad. All lessons of encouragement come from the Father.

God bless and I am glad that Grandma is getting better.

Connie 👏

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