2 Dreams and possible manifested?

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2 Dreams and possible manifested?

Post by Missy2281 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:01 am

I have had two dreams that could have been manifested....Would love your thoughts on it.

1st Dream....

I saw one of my bosses (IRL that I do not see very often and he has never been in any of my dreams) in my dream...He was mean and dressed up like the joker from batman.


A day or so later....I ran into this boss and he was laughing and being mean referencing something he heard was a project of mine that I was told to do.

2nd dream......

I dreamt that I was leaving a place like Wal-Mart and the line to get out was long;and had stopped. I got out of my vehicle and saw a large truck stopped in front. There was a girl that I knew(IRL I knew this girl) and she was standing at the tailgate of the truck there was a fountain on the tailgate. The fountain was a small inside fountain the filled a small cup/pail that would pour out on rocks below and then the repeat. I like the fountain and went to touch the cup/tail and it dropped to the ground and went into a small pond beside the road. I was going to jump into the water and get the cup. But I saw the cup was going to the edge and the girl's mom got the cup.


The next day the girl, her mom and her grandmother showed up at a conference my church was having. We were drawing numbers for door giveways all day. At the end of the conference it was my turn to draw the numbers. I drew about 10 numbers and nobody I that I had invited to the conference had won any of the items all day. Finally I had the last number of the day...and it was the nicest giveway of all the items. When I called the number it was the girl in my dream's number. She and her family were so happy.

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Re: 2 Dreams and possible manifested?

Post by martin from Africa on Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:19 am

hi there, that was very interesting [thank you] especially the second one, giving the manifestation helps me understand how to connect the dream and manifestation....blessings martin e

martin from Africa
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