A Deer, Imps and a Little White Dog

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A Deer, Imps and a Little White Dog

Post by miltond on Mon 31 Aug 2009 - 17:08

Following are the details of a dream I had on 10/23/06:

I was in my house and there were two people who had come out to render some kind of service for us at the house (such as plumber, cable installer, etc). One of the two seemed familiar, a woman, but I didn’t really “know” her. I spoke to her and she asked me why I hadn’t called her. I didn't respond.

Then, I was in the basement and there was to be a ministry meeting at our house shortly. During the meeting, my daughter and I were to be in the sitting room with a family friend. As I walked out of this room, there was an open door to my left. It felt as if someone had me by my leg and was holding me back. I cried out, “Get off me, imps!” Then, I cried out “JESUS!” The imps let me go, but I lost my balance at that point.

As I fell, I looked and there appeared to be a deer at the door (Note: This is the second time a deer figures prominently in my dream; see my previous post entitled "Glorious Return of Christ and the devil is furious"). The door was open so, the animal came in. I covered my head to protect it from the deer. The deer turned out to be a little white dog. I don’t know if it was biting me, licking me or talking to me. I woke up then.

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