Tomatoes and abortion

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Tomatoes and abortion

Post by bottlecap on Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:09 pm

I dreamed that there were no bees to pollenate the plants and there was no produce; yet, we didn't have a problem with our garden though...don't know if we had bees or not (IRL a friend at church mentioned getting bees for our garden recently). I ran into a group of older people who were talking about not having vegetables because of the lack of bees. I told them that they should pool together like New Yorkers do and have their own garden. I went to see them later and they did plant in a greenhouse type place that looked like one but really wasn't. I saw fruit and tomatoes but when I reached into the basket of tomatoes, I saw that the entire basket was full of tomatoes that were nothing but mush. They HAD pooled together like I told them, but they had no sun or bees because they were enclosed. They didn't put it on a rooftop or an empty lot like I had expected them to. (Maybe I wasn't specific enough and thought they would know what to do w/o me having to tell them. I made a mistake.)
A man saw me looking at them and picked up one and told me to take out one of the bugs in it. It was some sort of larvae. But they had picked them and were planning on eating them regardless. Later a woman I had talked to earlier invited me into her house. She had just moved in and I was helping her unpack some things. I handed her some mail and I noticed that where it was addressed to her there was also visible: the amount paid and the word "partial."
I handed it to her questioningly and she explained that she received one of these checks every month from the gov't. Laid out on her bed were 3 little baby outfits with tags still on that cost 1,000 dollars each. They were for her grandbaby. Then she continued to explain that she had had a partial birth abortion some time ago and the gov't was paying her for it. She got almost 3,000 each month. I asked her if it damaged her in some way and she said no, they just paid her for it. But she had other children after that one. I was a little dumbstruck and I couldn't think of anything to say to that.

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