Running From Chaos

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Running From Chaos

Post by angeleyes on Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:45 am

The tone of this dream was extremely chaotic and urgent.

I was in a facility with two other people: young guy and young girl. A gentleman had come to me and handed me a white bottle for me to use, but when I opened it immediately a gas spread and the man smiled and ran. I knew immediately when I opened the bottle that something was wrong. When the gas began to spread, I could feel myself wanting to fall "asleep" and saw it also with the other 2 but I shook it off, encouraged them to shake it and turn "here". I saw a door and led us out of it.

From there we were in an open yard, my grandmother's yard (she passed away in June). I found a vehicle to hide under and was trying to silently motion for the other 2 to do the same. I didn't know where the guy was and whether or not he was coming after us.
They finally found somewhere to hide and when the timing seemed right I called out for us to "run!" The girl came with me and we ran and ran up the street. As we ran I kept calling out to her and encouraging both of us to continue and not get tired.

We escaped to my grandmother's house (as if it were in a different location, we had JUST left her yard!) I paced back and forth in the house--thinking of what step needed to be next. I called my dad to quickly dial 911 for us as well as the young guy we left behind. I wasn't sure whether the man would be coming up the street for us in any minute or not. After that call, I went and found a large glass vase to arm myself with as well as instructing the other young lady to do the same. I noticed in this dream that though I was panicky and a little afraid, I would always call out an instruction or plan what step needed to happen next.

Finally I noticed a caucasian guy nearing the house, he wasn't the guy that we were running from. He approached the screen door and I questioned him. He told me that he was responding confidentially to a call my father made on my behalf. I then let him in.


Prior to going to sleep I had been talking to God about giving me direction as it relates to my business and seeking other sources of income.
Whether or not this dream flows with that, I'm not sure.


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