from my daughter

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from my daughter

Post by bottlecap on Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:15 am

My daughter woke up early this morning.....before 6, arrgh....and told me that this dream scared her. She asked me what it meant, but I couldn't help her much.

Dream: I had told my daughter that it wouldn't be long before Jesus came back. We were outside and I pointed to the mountains. They were beginning to look like they were covered with a heavy fog, but they were really disappearing. In the corner of our den was a large basket with blankets folded in it. It was understood in the house that the kids were not allowed to touch these blankets because they were very valuable. We heard someone breaking into the house and we hid and watched as a man searched the office for papers that would tell him something. We knew that he was looking for the valuable item we had, but he didn't know what it was only that we had something. He left the house and we locked the door behind him.

We were watching the news and a segment came on talking about the rocket that the US was launching that day. I told my daughter that it was not a good thing. Then they mentioned something about a comet coming close to earth. I told her something about Jesus coming back and then the comet was going to hit the earth even though the news didn't say that. She went to school and saw at the top of her paper that it was the year 2020; she tried to tell her friends that they had to repent because Jesus was coming in the next 2 days. They didn't believe her. She tried to tell her boyfriend that too and he only made sexual advances toward her and when she pushed him away, he told her it was over. She got on the bus and tried to tell the kids on the bus but they laughed at her.

When she got home we watched the rocket launch and saw it hit the comet unexpectantly and both started toward earth. We looked out towards the mountains again and they were completely gone and the sky had started to disappear too. We knew that the time was close. The thief came back and had figured out that it was the blankets which were valuable. He took them and I started to go after him, but my husband pulled me back. I told him that we had to get them back because they were worth millions of dollars since they were ancient and very important in history. He reminded me that we weren't going to be there for much longer and I stopped trying to run after the thief. Then the family was lifted up into the air but my daughter could still see very closely the eyes of the friends (IRL she told me that we were lifted up but still right there) she had tried to tell and they were all crying, but not because they missed Jesus but because they knew they were about to die. The family was all crying but not out of sadness but from joy of being with Him.

When she was telling it to me I could see that she was still a little trembly, so I know that it's important. Thanks.

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