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Obstacles Overcome

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:55 am

Hello everyone! I had a dream a couple of nights ago that involves an old friend God has assigned me to minister to. Right now I'm in the process of trying to reach him, and we are in contact via e-mail. I'm praying about the interpretation for this dream, and could use any insight that anyone has. I do know that this dream is giving me revelation and insight into my upcoming communications/dealings with my friend. We'll call his name "S". Another important thing to note is that my brother who has the same name as "S" is also referenced in the dream, but I do not believe that part is actually about my brother. Thanks ahead of time for your comments/insights. Blessings!!!

Dream 08-25-09

I was in school and "S" was in my class. I was trying to talk to him and some small, white, tiny poisonous darts were being shot at me. But I ran and held up a shield and all of the darts went into the shield and never touched me. Then someone in the classroom lifted up an oriental rug and revealed a few small white snakes that had been hiding under there. I knew that the snakes were there because of "S". I felt like I could easily crush them under my feet, and now that they had been exposed they were completely insignificant.

Next scene -- I'm talking to S. It seems like we were talking on the phone, and yet it seemed like we were in person because I could see us standing together talking face-to-face. My husband, D, came over to check on me just as "S" and I were getting ready to leave the classroom and take a walk and talk. I introduced D to S and D let me know that he was just looking out for me, checking on me, and protecting me. He wanted to make sure I would be okay leaving the classroom with S. I assured him that I would be fine, and we left the classroom to take a walk and talk with D's blessing.

As S and I were walking and talking I noticed that he looked so skinny and slightly different. IRL I remember him to be a tall, athletic-built type person, as he has always been very active in sports. So it was very wierd to see him look so skinny and it made him look different completely. He did not look like the big macho guy that I remembered. I remember "looking" really hard to try to see some part of that macho guy I once knew. When I looked really hard, I could "see" it, but it was not easy to find. Our conversation was very casual and we seemed to be really connecting and getting along well, and we even joked around a bit, which is something we used to do quite often. During our conversation S told me that he plays a computer game on-line and he has seen my brother (who is also called S) on-line playing the game too, and that my brother S was very good at it. IRL my brother does not play on-line games, or computer games of any kind. But, in the dream I was aware that my brother played, although I did not know which game he played, nor did I know that he was "good at playing the game" so this was revelation to me. IRL my friend S is married, although his marriage is troubled, and that's one of the things the Lord has given to me to minister to him about. But in the dream he was single, and he made no mention of a wife or the two children he has IRL. Someone suggested that S and I get married, but at first I was reluctant because I thought there was some reason why I could not get married. But, later I realized that we were both single and it would be good. (IRL I'm married and so is he) While we were talking, S got a phone call or called into work to do something and he promised he would call me back. In the past, he always called back when he said he would, so I just trusted that he would do as he said he would. At this point in the dream I now realized that I was in an office setting. There was a girl there who answered the phone line that S would be calling me back on. She had to step away from her desk briefly, so I asked her to forward her calls to me so that I would receive the call when it came in. Shortly thereafter, though, I had to leave to go to a reunion. So I knew that when S called me back, he would get my voicemail and would have to leave a message.

Next scene -- I went to get in my car to head to the reunion. My car was parked in a parking lot. When I get into the driver's seat I notice a man that I do not know IRL, but knew in the dream, sitting in my backseat waiting for me. It startled me at first to see him there because I was not expecting it. Then it made me angry that he was in my car waiting for me because I wasn't sure that I trusted him. I'm not exactly sure how I felt about this man -- if it was positive or negative. On one hand he seemed kind of "dark", and on the other hand I ended up feeling sorry for him. I rebuked the guy for being in my car and commanded him to get out and he was starting to get out. Then changed my mind and felt sorry for him. I didn't want him to have to walk to the reunion. So I agreed to give him a ride. The reunion was just down the street. As I was driving down the street, I had to stop the car and wait for some people to move out of the street. There was a group of them laying hands on others who were down on their knees in the street receiving prayer. They saw me, and moved out of the way so that I could pass through. I arrived at the reunion and looked for a place to park and then realized that there was no parking lot and there were no other cars here. That's when I realized that what I should've done was left my car in the parking lot down the street where I was already parked, and walked down here. But I didn't know that until I arrived. So I ran inside the reunion and got my husband and asked him to go move the car for me, and he left to go move it. End of dream.


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