Giant Waves From The Sea... and Things That Bug Me

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Giant Waves From The Sea... and Things That Bug Me

Post by LadySoulflower on Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:30 am

Greetings, Family!

It's been a while since I've had a prophetic dream, but when God speaks, He REALLY speaks! I did the dream worksheet (as usual) & I know this is a warning dream. I'm not sure of what the warning is for, but I'm praying on it & ask you all to do the same.

A couple of things I've noticed about my dreams that are bothering me:

  • I always have multiple versions of a dream. Sometimes just the ending changes, sometimes the entire dream has changes throughout. The "big stuff" doesn't change usually, but I don't understand why there is any change at all. When I was younger, I recall being able to change dreams because I didn't like how they were going. I usually ended up having to change things several times to get the result I wanted - or I would wake up. Nowadays, it's just that the dream will start over while I'm in the middle of dreaming.
  • Over the past year or so, I've noticed that I have paid a lot of attention to the races of people in my dream. It's always been that I would see someone of a race wouldn't expect to see in the situation (like in my dream below) or that the people just really stand out and I notice their race in my dream. At first, I thought that maybe the people's races had something to do with the dream, but I'm now wondering if this is a trend that I should track for some reason that's not specific to any one dream.
Okay, so here is my dream worksheet:
(Thanks to everyone in advance for reading & praying.)

1.) What is on your heart that you may have been praying or thinking heavily about the day or
week/month prior to the dream?

  • Cotton (my first love)

    • trying to help him overcome his lack of motivation
    • the possibility of a relationship with him again

  • Visiting Costa Rica & considering living there
  • School starting on Monday
  • Ministry

    • preaching
    • launching my nonprofit

  • Financial struggles
  • Getting a car for school

2.) Next, write out the dream.
I was in a rather nice, two-level home on a beautiful beach. The house was a little bit elevated (on a small hill) from the water level, but you could walk off the deck & be on the beach in a matter of seconds. Still, the house was set kind of far back from the water, so it would take a little bit longer to get to the water. This beach was on a GIANT lake - so big you couldn't see the other shores - it looked almost exactly like Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica (I just returned from there). There was a peninsula to the right & open water everywhere else. The water was gorgeous - crystal clear turqoise. There were other nice houses & some other building on the beach, too & they were set about the same distance as my house.

In the first version I was not pregnant, but was married & had two young children. My kids were a boy about 7 years old, and a girl, about 9 or 10 years old & they were both White. My husband looked to be of mixed heritage.

It was a nice, sunny day & my kids were out playing on the beach when I started to notice that the waves just to the left of the peninsula were getting strangely large. They were initially inconsistent in size, so I yelled toward the beach for everyone to be careful & look out for the large waves. Then I noticed the waves coming from the peninsula were also getting large & that all the waves were growing bigger & bigger. I started packing a backpack with emergency food and supplies & the kids came in the house, excited about the waves. I told them to pack bags with only the essentials b/c we were going to have to leave. I didn't say anything to my husband until I was about done packing the family bag. I remember fussing at my kids for being too slow & discovering they were trying to pack toys that we wouldn't have room for. By this time, the sky and the water had started to turn gray.

I yelled up to my husband to come on down & help with the last few things. He was concerned about the level of urgency in my voice & I told him to take a look at the waves. By the time that happened, the waves started crashing against the house. The back door was open, so the house started flooding, but the front rooms were shut tight. For some reason the kids & I stayed in the front for a minute or two, even though I was kind of running back & forth to the kitchen for sandwich bags to protect our electronics. It was too late for us to try leaving, so my husband and I gathered the kids & ran to the roof of the house. We did this just in time, because the waves finally broke the windows in the front room. I was initially distraught because I hadn't packed everything I wanted, but my husband was like, "You always pack extra stuff! Don't worry about the things; let's get to safety!" I was nervous because I felt having certain documents, a cell phone, laptop, etc. would make it easier for us to get help after things calmed down.

The roof had a nice deck for observing & we saw that there were about 6 or 7 other people already up on top of our roof. By the time we got up to the roof, the house had been overcome by water & was starting to bob in the water, but it wasn't floating away. We all had to balance ourselves so that the house didn't topple over to one side & dump us in the water. A bus like the ones in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica got to the top of our hill & stopped to let people off because it couldn't continue. We were all confused about why they would take people down into town anyway, since it was right on the beach & would probably flood worse than where we were.

This version "ended" with all these people on top of houses & a bus at the top of the hill. Everyone was scared, but we were all talking to each other like comrades.

In the second version, I was pregnant with two young children and a much older son. My older son seemed a little detached. He was tall, dark skinned, & about 17 years old. The younger boys were about 7 years old & they were blond with big curls, but had deep tans from playing in the sun. There was no husband, but I'm not sure if he wasn't part of the family or if he just wasn't there. No one mentioned him.

When the waves started up in this version, I did the same thing with packing, except I got my older son to help me with it. Then I remembered the younger boys were down on the beach. At first I told my oldest to go get them, but then I decided I didn't want to risk losing him to the water, so I started to go instead. Then the version shifted.

In another version of the pregnant me, I had to go get my young son from playing on the beach (the blond boy). There was no concern about a second child & still no husband; the older son "disappeared" from the dream after I ran to go get the little one. This version has two other versions as well.
First, I went and grabbed the boy & we ran from the beach to the house.
Second, I grabbed the boy, but it was too late, so I had to tell him to hold his breath when the water came over us. We had to swim for our lives, but the water was really strong. I couldn't hold onto him, but we both kept swimming.
I can't remember how either version stopped.

Then I started dreaming about my time on Manuel Antonio Beach & the friends that were teaching me to surf. We noticed that the water started to recede. I remembered that this is a sign that a tsunami is coming, so I told them & started yelling "TSUNAMI, TSUNAMI!!!" But there was another version in which we decided not to yell b/c we didn't want there to be a log jam trying to get to high ground. By the time we got to the street, I felt bad, so I started yelling anyway. There were a couple of different endings: 1) we all got into the car 2) I remembered that someone else had the car, so we tried figure out how to call her, but she drove up just in time 3) a bus going up the hill came just as we got to the street.

Then I woke up & had to go to the bathroom.

3.) Now, leave out the details in the dream, the symbols, the actions, etc., and only write how each and
symbol, action, word, situation, etc., made you feel.

All Versions: At first, I felt content. I started to get nervous as the waves changed, but I brushed it off. I was REALLY nervous when I saw that the waves were *all* growing consistently larger.

First Version: I shifted into a suppressed panic while I was packing; I felt like I had to do this in order to keep my family safe. I recall being pretty upset, but stayed focused on the task at hand. I was agitated when I saw that the kids were dilly-dallying around. I was grateful & a bit relieved when my husband came downstairs. When the water got into the house, I shifted into a suppressed hysteria (can hysteria be suppressed?). I knew I couldn't let my panic show because of the kids. Still, by their excitement I knew they didn't understand the urgency until the water crashed into the house. That made me really afraid they might do something silly. I was really sad by the time we got to the roof but I was also still worried about not being able to communicate with people to get help.

Second Versions: I was clearly panicked the whole time, but still focused my energy on packing and keeping my kids safe. In the sub-version when my son & I were overcome by the waves, I felt a sense of doom, but still was determined to keep going.

Final Versions: I was in "military mode". I knew what was coming & felt it was my duty to inform people so that they could save themselves. I felt guilty for not warning folks in that other version.

4.) How did it turn out?
There was no real resolution in any of the versions. The dream kept shifting to another version until I woke up

5.) What is the overall theme?
It is a scary situation over which I have no control!

After determining the outcome, what is the overall theme of the message? For instance, is the message about an
upcoming trial that leaves you angry? Is it a scary situation where you feel out of control? Are you rejoicing
because of some blessing? Are you awed at God's power? Are you victorious over a snake?

I had a dream where I saw four snakes at work. I didn't get a message of the outcome of this dream, I just saw four
snakes in the rafters at my place of employment.

Within the next two months I had four very serious problems at work that I had absolutely nothing to do with creating
and there was nothing I could have done to prevent them. The theme for me in this dream is four problems coming -
this is a warning
requiring prayer.

If you've already established the outcome, establishing the overall theme will tell you in what area of your life the
outcome pertains to. If the dream does not clearly illustrate an outcome the dream may be a warning of what is
coming and the outcome will likely come in a consecutive dream.

6.) Where did it occur?
On a beach that looked like Manuel Antonio, except I know from the dream that it was a lake.

7.) Who was in the dream?
Me, my family (which changed sizes), & random beach goers, people on my roof that I didn't know. IRL, I'm single, childless, & live in the city.

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Re: Giant Waves From The Sea... and Things That Bug Me

Post by usemeLord on Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:01 am

WOW, I know my young son does what you do about changing dreams that he doesn't like. This is just a thought about the meaning. It sounds like things are going to get out of hand to the point of your suppressed panic. Things you can't control. Wave after wave of problems that get bigger each time. Sounds like this world with all the problems we have with debt, sin, health, murder, pestilence, etc.... Is God just telling you to have your things ready in one place, like your papers of importance, electronics.?

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Re: Giant Waves From The Sea... and Things That Bug Me

Post by LadySoulflower on Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:28 am

Thanks for the feedback. I have actually been getting a growing troubling feeling lately that I've been ignoring. I think it may not be about any one thing, but that everything is precariously balancing off of something(s) else. I will take heed to your point about getting things ready in one place.

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Re: Giant Waves From The Sea... and Things That Bug Me

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