A dream about my friend

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A dream about my friend

Post by Christa on Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:36 am

I wrote her this morning about the dream, here it is:


I had a dream last night that I lived in an apartment in New York. It was a big deal that I was there, I was so excited to finally be in NY. I lived there by myself, but couldn't pay my rent, so my family came to live with me. They threw an impromptu party one day and people were gathered around talking and watching a movie. You called me. We'd talk for a few minutes then I'd go quiet, you'd be like, "hello....hello." Then you got mad at me and hung up. You called back and heard the party in the back ground and got really mad that I didn't invite you. You called again and we argued about that. I was trying to convince you that I didn't even want the stinkin' party, I even think I said in the background, "It would be nice if everybody JUST LEFT!!!!!!" trying to drop a loud hint. Then I went quiet again, and you repeated, "hello....hello." I didn't have the energy to respond to you. I was exhausted during this whole dream btw. Finally, you just came over and you were mad as hell at me. I think you even called me the "B" word. I tried to convince you of how sorry I was and that it was all just a misunderstanding, but you didn't forgive me. Instead, you put me to work trying to make food out of old, holey, dried up tomato parts and a dirty potato. You also wanted me to do some research for you on the internet, which took forever. I did the research for you and tried to get started on the rotten vegetable...whatever it was you wanted me to do...and I realized, I'd just have to throw that stuff away and grab some of my own vegetables that were more fresh.

Also, in my dream there was a lady that was supposed to show up, but her husband was there instead. She's known in the Vineyard church circles, her name is Kathy Walters and she's what some people call an Empath and what others call a Seer. I've been told that I have this gifting as well. Anyway, Kathy hadn't showed up yet, but her husband was there and he plopped down right on the couch next to me. He was very nice and he thought I was a cool person.

That's all I can remember of the dream, but you sure had me workin' hard girl! You were so beyond mad at me!"

Well, that's the dream. I'm going to let my friend know that I'm posting it. I really hope to get some responses so that I can show her how great this forum is. BTW, my friend is NOT like that at all IRL, she's a sweetheart and is never pushy with me like that.
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