Convent and Beast from the Water

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Convent and Beast from the Water

Post by bottlecap on Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:40 pm

I was part of a convent/orphanage. I walked up the stairs into the convent and looked down a well that was in the middle of a den-like area. There were babies who were starving who were in this dried well. I told the reverend mother that we couldn't keep the babies here anymore since we couldn't feed them or give them dedicated mothering since there were so many of them. (Not only were they malnourished but they lacked social interaction). The mother agreed and gave the babies out to other families. When I looked back into the well, she had replaced the babies with puppies. They were trying to crawl up the side of the well. I reached over into the well and were pulling up the pups so they wouldn't die falling back down. I almost fell in, but another nun pulled me back. I again told the mother that we couldn't keep this many puppies at the convent because we didn't have enough yard and they would leave a mess. She agreed with me again and gave the puppies away.

I turned to leave the convent and spied a young woman leaving her baby on the front porch. I told her to come into the convent, that she could take one of the bedrooms in my quarters. We walked together and I showed her my rooms. We discussed where to put the baby bed. I gave her the larger of the rooms since there was going to be 2 of them. She was very grateful. While there with the girl, a priest friend came to my window. He asked me to meet him at a certain time in a certain place. I agreed.

As I was driving to the designated place I had to drive through a neighborhood where the people were fighting one another. There were ladders and things hung between apartment windows so the men could cross the street without having to go into the fighting. I made it through and was waiting for him under an overpass. I saw him coming in my rearview mirror. He started to run when the people began to shoot at him. He dove through the car window and I drove off. He wouldn't tell me why I was to meet him there; he only gave me directions to go to another location. We ended up on a beach (looked like Hawaii). As I waited on the beach for him to give me further instructions, the people on the beach began to get very excited. We looked to where they were pointing out into the water and out of it came a beast that resembled what my kids call a "long neck" (from Little Foot)...I can't remember what they're called....but this one had a flat shaped disk on top of his head. The people who were excited about seeing the beast crawled up his back and stood on the disk. I knew that they hoped to tame it. For a while it looked like they would but as the beast started walking faster and faster the people became scared and suddenly the beast butted his head against a palm tree and smushed the people. Others who were still on the ground began to run from the beach at that point, but the fleeing crowd suddenly parted and a woman wearing a Hawaiian shirt came through. I believed that she was a senator or a person of great authority.

She came over to the car window and began to talk to the priest. I couldn't hear what they were saying but when she left I asked him to tell me what he knew. He agreed that he would when we returned to the convent. When we got back there and were in my living quarters, he was shot through an open window. He only managed to tell me where something important was. It was different size disks that played on a record player, but when I played them I couldn't understand them.

I know that "windows" plays a significant part, but the rest of it has me addled. Thanks for any impressions that come your way.

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