Snake Biting hands

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Snake Biting hands

Post by Jay79 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:35 pm

Hi all Im new here and have joined to have this dream interpreted.. I try and tell it the best i can.

Sorry for the poor grammar.

Dream started with me opening a door to a van or some vehicle in the woods I believe, the snake was on the inside on the lower step by the door. I then noticed it was brown with black spots as it came towards me, I went to grab the head of the snake when it bite me on the right hand near my thumb. I then proceeded to to grab it with my left hand and it bite my left hand, then again I went to grab its head with my right hand and as i grabbed it it out powered me and bite my right again....i eventually got it off and went to find out if this snake was poisonous.

In the dream i knew the name of the snake but cant recall it the dream I was asking people if this snake was poisonous, all the answers were no...but as I looked at my bites they were swelling and redish...i noticed on my right hand my flesh was ripped open on my wrist, i could see the bone and muscles. As I looked closer at my wounds I found one of the snakes fangs in my right hand had broken off...I then pulled it out and noticed it had poison in and threw it to the ground.

Thats all i remember, can anybody help me with this? I have never had a dream like this before. I need to know.

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Re: Snake Biting hands

Post by One Door on Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:45 pm

Hello Jay,
Just some thoughts for you.
The van could represent a group ministry. Because the snake has bitten you on the hands, this could also represent your place of work or your works. Woods can represent a "fearful place" or "confusion". When a snake bites, it can represent a person who has a negative effect on you. I would say this person has a huge negative effect on you. 'I went to grab the head".......... The head represents authority. Have you questioned someone's authority and they didn't like it? Just a thought. The people around you seen to be blind to the effect this person has on you.
Hope this helps.

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