A question about my dream Love comes softly

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A question about my dream Love comes softly Empty A question about my dream Love comes softly

Post by trustingin jesus on Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:29 am

I had a really interesting dream a few months ago and would appreciate confirmation about what I think God is saying through it. I was in a simple shack type house looking into my husband -to -be eyes. We were counting the beds for our children in the future. We were soul mates looking into one another's eyes. Then he had to go away for awhile. I ran outside and told my best friends that I had finally met my husband and asked them to come with me. We went into the shack and I picked up a book and said to them " This is my story Love comes softly". After a while my husband came back riding on a horse and handed me a baby girl.

I was so happy when I woke from the dream.

I would appreciate prayerful interpretation.

Thank you

trustingin jesus
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