Her mother didn't approve of me?

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Her mother didn't approve of me?

Post by Change on Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:40 pm

in this dream,

i was at this girl Amy's house....this is a real person but her name's not really "amy".

it felt like we were getting engaged or married.

at some point in the dream, her brother enters the dream and he acts in opposition towards me.

i just remember feeling like we were getting along, but then later on, we became friends.

as well, although i didn't see her, i could SENSE my ex in the dream, i just KNEW she was *there*.

however, after all of this, Amy's mother enters the dream and she's angry at me for some reason.

like she's in opposition to the fact that her daughter was going to be engaged to me.

i then remember having to leave Amy's house.

her brother was sad because i was leaving.

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