The Baby in Pink

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The Baby in Pink

Post by changeishere on Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:54 pm

Had a dream that I was having a surgical procedure and the doctor watching said they were cleaning out the parasites. I went to another room and while coming down the hospital hallway I saw my father in laws young wife who doesn't like me. I didn't want her to know I was there so I quickly waved and went into the room. She was in the emergency room and went down that hallway. I got back on the table and the doctor was thinking and I asked what was wrong. He said who put it there? I said what? He said you are 3-1/2 months pregnant. I said my husband. Then my husband appeared to take me home in the dream. I told him I had some news - I was pregnant. He was surprised (because naturally I can't have anymore children). He walked over drank some water and I told him we would get through it. Dream changed scenes and I must have had the baby girl who was sitting on my lap. She was in a pink dress and pink bonnet. She looked like she was about 6 months old because she was sitting up by herself on my lap. I was showing her to these people who had all these kids. Any thoughts?

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